Episode 25: Dead Man Walking

Episode 24: Supergirl Lives!

Episode 23: There’s Something About Jeffrey

Sean (@SeanofGallifrey) discussed the tenth episode of Agents of SHIELD, titled The Patriot.

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Episode Links:
Agents of SHIELD – S04E10 – The Patriot

Episode 22: The Return of SHIELD

Sean (@SeanofGallifrey) discusses the mid-season premiere for Agents of SHIELD and the first episode in the LMD story arc. He’ll also review Assassin’s Creed.


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Nerdalytics: 2016 Movie Recap

And here is the first episode of Nerdalytics, part of the Nerd Drive Podcast Network. Sean and James recap the top grossing films of 2016 as well as share their opinions on each, giving their own, personal favorites from the year and what they look forward to the most in 2017.

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Episode 21: Hey, Ass-Butt

PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED: Sean (@scollom1) is joined by Dean Camper, Supernatural super-fan, to discuss the first half of season 12 of Supernatural. We’ll take a look at the episodes from the perspective of a casual viewer of the show, as well as an avid follower.

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Episode 20: Rogue One

Sean reviews and discusses the newest Star Wars film, “Rogue One”. NOT SPOILER FREE!! Also, he ranks the Star Wars films and explains why each ranks where it does.

First, though, Sean pays tribute to Carrie Fisher with a short eulogy and moment of silence. She is one with The Force now. And The Force is with us all…

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